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Trans Rights are Human Rights


Picture: Stonewall

...Or so says the catchy slogan on Emma Watson’s t-shirt. I love her, the real life Belle and Hermione. The former realising that beauty isn't skin deep and the later always fighting for minorities (S.P.E.W., anyone?). But it's more than a catchy sloga, it was at the right time.

Tomorrow the deadline closes to get your submission and feedback through for Gender Recognition Act of 2004. The UK Government is advising on paramount new rights for trans, intersex and non-binary people. There has never been a more important time; Stonewall have revamped their charity from an LGB one to a LGBT one giving their all, championing their efforts for the trans community, Ayden Dowling was a front runner to be the first trans model to feature on the cover of Mens Health, Caitlyn Jenner came out in a Vogue interview and featured on their front cover, a first for Vogue and for the trans community, as well as Orange Is The New Black featuring a lead trans, black character highlighting the inequality and injustice for trans people in the prison system in America. I feel this is a watershed moment for them, not least of which on ITV is a programme about a British trans girl at secondary school coming to terms with her gender identity. The time is now.

If these reforms are not secured, it would not just hold back trans people's rights, it would represent a major setback in our collective efforts to secure LGBT rights and equality. And huge reversal in everything that has been achieved in recent years.

So please, if you have ever experienced any kind if injustice or discrimination and truly understand what it's like to be victimised over something you can't help with ether it's your gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, unite with your sibling allies and respond to the consultation.

Or even if you were like me last week, watching Butterfly (review to follow) in floods, wanting to know what you could do to help.

You have until tomorrow to respond to the consultation; Stonewall breaks it down and makes the questions easy to understand:



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