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10 Unusual Things About Me

So who am I, behind Purllsofwisdom?

I guess if you want to know more about me, you could look at the 'About Me' section for more info. Failing that, you could delve into my tweets of which there are a lot; that wouldn't get you far, other than my guilty pleasure is soaps and that I am hilarious.

Most of my posts aim to cover LGBTQ+, Mental Health and Life, I might try to to do the odd travel post here and there (otherwise head to my Instagram for more travel-related stuff). All that being said, I have been itching to do something more personal just to spice things up (otherwise the usual post will be Friday evenings), something more personal and fun.

As luck would have it, Ross, of Man vs Adulthood series on his blog, has tagged me in a challenge to state 10 different and unusual facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I look young for my age. Most people guess that I'm in my early twenties, rather than early-thirties. I was always told that I'd be happy about it when I was older, which I am given my interests, blog and also my dress sense and haircut thank god!

2. I like any food, literally I am not fussy. I cannot stand raw tomatoes; the sharpness, pips and texture - eww gross! Tomato ketchup (Heinz, of course) and grilled tomatoes, or chopped tomatoes in a cooking sauce are fine. Weird. And fennel and celery, GOD!

But pineapple on pizza, or sweetcorn, baked beans, or peas? Yikes. Or how about fruit or nuts in chocolate? Gross.

3. I have an irrational annoyance of brass bands playing, it sets my teeth on edge - like a reverse ASMR.

4. No it is not a ghetto eyebrow, I did not shave into my eyebrow to look like a member of East 17. When I was three I chased my best friend and knocked myself out on the oven door, hence the scar.

5. Reserved for the greatest boyband that ever graced the planet. Ok that's a part exaggeration, but yes I idolised this band growing up. Whelp!

6. I am addicted to caffeine, it is my vice.

7. I am a romantic, I am also stupid in my attempts to impress. So stupid in fact, I once broke a bone in my foot having fallen off a scooter in Toys 'R' Us. I was 27-years-old ladies and gents.

8. I love creating playlists and videos, I did montages and birthday videos from relatives and friends for my Mum and Dad's respective birthdays including music. Just listening to a particular song can just transport me back to watching my Dad transfixed whilst he slipped vinyl on his turntable.

9. I suffer from anxiety, from a social perspective. I have been taking medication for this on and off since 2013, but more consistently since last year. Negative thoughts hound me constantly, and I care irrationally how people judge me and think of me. This makes Twitter nightmare at times, but I wouldn't change it. Certain accounts I credit for teaching me indirectly not to give a shit about what people think. It can make it difficult to get along with, and deciphering why I might be off, aloof, etc - a certain blasé sentence will set me off for days so if you ever wonder why I might apologise, over justify or online why DMs and texts are long and involved it's because I'm treating you how I want to be treated. No room for judgement or error, you know exactly where you stand with me.

10. It's obvious if you know me, you have already worked this out by now by my very personal blogs and also my Twitter. It's unusual because most people are almost scared of doing it, feel too proud or they have to protect themselves and their pride should anything bad happen at work in relationships, etc. But I am honest, I have no filter.

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